Super Simple Cold Noodle Salad — A True Story

Cold Noodle Salad.
Cold Noodle Salad.

In between working a hectic schedule as a cook and living in a boomtown like Toronto, finding the time to make a simple, yet quality, dinner can be a challenge.

After a gruelling day’s work that even 3 espressos couldn’t fix. It’s time for some din dins. Life in the kitchen ain’t easy my friend, but even Chef Kev has to eat. A simple walk to the corner store got us everything we needed to make this simple noodle dish. Coconut milk, ginger, peanut butter and a dash of soy sauce make up the delicious satay sauce. Simmer it over the stove as you make the rest of the salad. I would love to put a picture up of the satay-style sauce, but it resembled something, shall we say, a little less edible.

After Chef Kev blanched the chow mein noodles in some bouillon-cubed water, he let them cool on a tray.

Noodle Mix.
Noodle Mix.

In a large bowl, slices of peppers, snow peas, cilantro, cashews and cabbage julienned were loosely mixed.

Once the noodles were cooled, they were added to the mix. Then a slight toss around with the peanut sauce and, voila. C’est tout. Dinner for two.


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