Introducing: Knuckle Sandwich!

What a whirlwind the past 2 weeks has been. It was an honour when Kev and his good friend Max were asked to help out in the kitchen at Toronto’s newest gourmet sandwich shop, Knuckle Sandwich, located in the East York neighbourhood in Toronto. It has been a lot of days and nights filled with sourcing suppliers, prepping food, perfecting menu items and getting the buzz out there. So far, it’s been a hit!

The Vegetable Sandwich and Grilled Cheese

The grand opening was on Tuesday and the people are sending in a lot of positive reviews. Most are impressed with the quality of food and service. The shop already had multiple repeat visits.

So, what makes Knuckle Sandwich stand out in a foodie city? A whole lotta love.

Almost everything is made from scratch right down to the dressing on the caesar salad. The porchetta, the brisket, the gravy is all made in house. Every single buttermilk fried chicken is made to order. And the bread, the medium for sandwich goodness, is brought in from a Toronto bakery.

To pair off the experience of wholesome taste, Knuckle Sandwich offers tall cans of local craft beer including wobbly pops from Longslice Brewery and Lost Craft.

A poutine with the works.
A poutine with the works.

This one isn’t on the menu (yet)! This poutine has the works: porchetta, fried egg, parmesan, pork crackling and salsa verde. Makes your mouth water just looking at it.

A big thank you to George and Randy, the owners of the shop, as well as Amy and Christina, all of who have put in so much time and effort!


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  1. I cannot wait for my next visit to try it out – remember I am the queen of the gourmet sandwich 😉


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